Trinity Spa Products

About Trinity Spa Products

Inspired by Little Miss Trinity (AKA "Bubbles"), the Trinity Spa 

Products Collection was birthed from her love for her aunt's 

products from her spa visits.  Unfortunately, due to a long list 

of allergies, Trinity was unable to fully enjoy them.  So, her

aunt created a few products with natural ingredients to see 

if she could use them without an adverse reaction. They 

worked well without triggering her allergies.  Additionally, 

they have been beneficial to her skin as intended, providing 

it with exfoliation and cleansing through the salt scrub, and 

much-needed moisturization from the rich oils. She now assists 

her aunt in making and packaging the products in the collection.

At Trinity Spa Products, we focus on providing sumptuous scrubs 

and oils in a lovely little package. Our Collection is comprised of:

  • Our Signature line, Trinity Spa Products,
  • Our line for Men, Trinity Spa Pour Homme, 
  • and Lil Bubbles for Girls by Trinity Spa Products

Disclaimer:  Please note that we make no claims that our products are non-allergenic. 

           As with any product, caution should be taken if there are known allergies.